At Time Data we offer an effective and accurate system along with software that will take care and keep track of your timekeeping tasks. Along with keeping track of timekeeping tasks the software calculates hours of attendance, normal and overtime hours worked, leave (authorised and unauthorised) taken and activities worked on by a supervisor. This system allows for results to be transferred to payroll systems untampered, while eliminating all human errors.

The electronic clocking system is done by either fingerprint, hand recognition or card swiping on devices that are connected via serial cables and ethernet computer network cabling or a handheld device. The systems electronic reader displays time of day, battery backup and a series of supervisory devices to ensure that the employee knows that the swipe has been successful to avoid any discrepancies.

We offer installation, commissioning, training, customisation, and on-going support to our clients, via site visits, telephone support, and remote terminal support (Team Viewer application).

At Time Data we make use of the following identification systems.


Whatever your needs may be, whether indoors or outdoors, we have the solution for you. We make use of both the Sagem Morphosmart™ and Sagem Outdoor Morphoaccess™.

Sagem Morphosmart™

The multipurpose fingerprint processing unit makes use of a high-end optical sensor that assists in the registration of people (ID cards, immigration, voting systems and access control).

Sagem Outdoor Morphoaccess™

The Sagem Outdoor Morphoaccess finger identification for physical access control is a durable and weather resistant unit that works with LAN and serial link connections. The weatherised version of the unit comprises all the features and options available with the indoor model.

Handkey II

The handkey II recognition system simultaneously analyses more than 31 000 points and instantaneously records more than 90 separate measurements of an individual’s hand to grant access to the desired area. Once the person has been identified as a valid user, a door can be opened, access can be provided or time may recorded – with the verification taking less than a second – the system is renowned for its reliability.

Mobile reader

The handheld mobile terminal from SYMBOL technologies is programmed to accept both employee, and plant cards. The integrated laser barcode reader is protected inside a rubberised casing which makes the handheld device more rugged for the industrious use on construction sites. There are various software modules including: Labour Capture and Plant Capture.