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Time Data Sequel

Time and Attendance Solutions

Our leading technology and web based solutions coupled with our experienced support staff, ensures your time and attendance needs are covered.

Time Data Sequel provides the perfect hardware and software solution to the contracting, mining and energy industries.

We have more than 30 years of experience locally, regionally and internationally.

Why choose us?

By using our service we have proven results of between 18-22% saving on salary and wages!

We Save You Time

By using our software and services we guarantee to save time by reduction of time required to calculate employee’s time and payroll. We also provide Real time management information. This is available through web dashboards. The absence of critical labour (crane and plant operators, rock drill operators etc.) are displayed on a dashboard at clock in time to allow timely intervention. This eliminates tedious scrutiny of reports to find the constraints in their operation.​

We Eliminate Fraud

Time Data Sequel offers consistent impartial enforcement of Time and Attendance Industry Rules. Thereby ensuring that latecomers, early leavers and absentee infringements are not paid. With our biometric punches no buddy clocking is possible.​

We Save You Money

Time Data Sequel eliminates human error which costs money. We provide accurate and durable hardware with a platform that has been stress tested on construction sites across Africa, and the Middle East. We also offer integration with our clients Payroll, HR and accounting systems. ​

We Offer Smart Based Software

Our intelligent software continually upgrades and adapts to adhere to your businesses growing needs. We also understand that technology is anything but stagnant therefor we are offering continual upgrade solutions.​