About us

Time Data Sequel was founded by Philip Platt in 1989. We are proud to say we are now one of the largest and most recognised time and attendance systems within the construction and contracting industries in Africa.

With over 30 years experience, we provide clients working in harsh environments with durable hardware and accurate software.

Since 1989 we have supplied and serviced over 2000 construction, engineering, mining and gas sites all over Africa and the Middle East. We understand the diversities that come with working on the African Continent and its sometimes harsh realities. Currently, we are supporting over 40 000 employees on our hosted site at Teraco.

Our support staff have experienced life on construction sites. They have been deployed either managing our clients sites, or being based on a site office. This method supports many clients on large power station projects.

Time Data Sequel invests a lot of time in training and formal courses for our employees so they can give a better service to our clients. This also upskills our employees.

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