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Biometric Authentication

Biometric technology is making its way into our lives rapidity. Contactless biometric authentication includes technologies like facial recognition, iris recognition and voice recognition. Biometric authentication helps eliminate hygiene concerns.

The ProFace X series works in extreme weather conditions and are dust and waterproof (IP68). As mentioned above, the ProFace X series can assist in reducing the risk of infection and germs spreading during the recent global public health issue as well. The series enables fast and accurate body temperature measurement and masked individual identification during facial and palm verification at all access points, especially in hospitals, factories, schools, commercial buildings, airports, stations, and other public areas.

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ProFace X

Biometric Authentication | Time Data Sequel | Pro Face X
Biometric Authentication | Time Data Sequel | Pro Face X palm
Biometric Authentication | Time Data Sequel | Pro Face X thermal

ProFace X is a fully upgraded version of the ProFace product line, which is designed to deal with all kinds of scenarios. It’s powered by the latest ZKTeco-customized CPU for running the intellectualized engineering facial recognition algorithm to boost up the performance in all aspects.

With its powerful core and the latest facial recognition algorithm, the ProFace X facial recognition capability has reached a new height in the biometrics industry with a maximum of 50,000 facial templates, facial recognition speed less than 0.3 sec per face, ultimate anti spoof ability against almost all types of fake photos and videos attack.

Other than the powerful core, ProFace X is also equipped with the latest face capture system, which enables the terminal to recognize faces under extreme strong light conditions (50,000 lux), and a microwave detector to precisely evaluate the distance between the user and the device for waking up the terminal.

ProFace X comes with a robust design that can work in extreme weather conditions from -30°C (-22°F) to 60°C (140°F); The IP68 dust and waterproof standard and IK04 protection standard also enhance its outdoor durability.

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Standard Functions:

Access Levels
Holidays, DST
Duress Mode (Password)
Record Query
Tamper Switch Alarm
Custom Wallpaper & Screen Saver

Preventative Measures:

Mask detection

Body temperature detection (ProFace X [TD] Only)

Temperature Measurement Distance:
30cm~50cm (1ft~1.64ft)

Temperature Measurement Accuracy:
+/-0.3°C (+/-32.54°F)

 Temperature Measurement Range:
34°C~45°C (93.2°F~113°F)